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Born in London, Christine Vaindirlis grew up in Johannesburg South Africa, and after fourteen years in Italy where she trained as an opera singer while working in the corporate world, she was awarded a scholarship at the Berklee World Scholarship Tour Auditions, which took her to Boston, MA.


Four years later, a college ambassador with an award for outstanding musicianship and a dual BA in Composition, Arranging and Production, and Performance as a Voice Principal, graduating with honors, she moved to NYC, the cultural melting pot and music mecca of the world to work at a music production house.  She then decided to pursue a career as an artist and produced her debut album that was everything she had envisioned, capturing the essence and energy of her dearly missed South Africa, enriched by the reflection of where life had taken her and the Berklee experience that had pushed her envelope further.


The costs of sustaining an independent project led to the pursuit of other avenues of income utilizing her past experience from the corporate world together with her well-versed musical background, touring experience and the jack-of-all-trades she had grown to become in the music industry. She founded Ubuntu World Music, an artist service company providing support to more established touring acts. Some of her current and past clients include Bria Skonberg, Sofia Rei, Arturo O'Farrill's Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, Monty Alexander, Hiromi, Les Nubians, Malika Zarra, Newpoli and Jay Rodriguez to name a few.


Today Christine continues to work as a consultant, a tour and production manager, a tour director and planner as well as a design, music, audio and video creative. From time to time, she offers tailor made tours of her favorite places in New York City to show off it's vibrant neighborhoods and thriving music scene as a licensed NYC tour guide.

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