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"Vaindirlis displays a remarkably versatile range, whether throaty and commanding, velvety and effervescent, or sweet and soothing. You'll find it near impossible to sit still throughout."

-The Big Take Over 



"Christine Vaindirlis Exclusive right here on the Jamati podium as she walks us through her globetrotting journey, from London to growing up in one of the hardest South African eras (apartheid), to dreaming her way out of South Africa into the beginning of her life inspiring  journey. If there is one thing I’ve learnt from this interview, is that “Giving up in life is never an option, everything is possible, we just gotta believe, speaking life to the world were everything is possible. Christine is a major inspiration and I hope that every soul that reads this, takes with them a profound message that will inspire them with they walk in life." 


CLICK! Jamati Online Full Interview

-Prudence Chauke, Jamati Online

"All About Jazz: Funky Global Citizen Christine Vaindirlis Channels the Spirit of Home"

All About Jazz

"Vaindrilis’ positive and bright life outlook are reflected in the sunshine-soaked ethnic beats and lively jazz vocals of ‘Dance Mama!’ A ten-track collection of world-music, infused with the syncopated rhythms of traditional jazz piano and big-band brass instruments, Vaindirlis’s rich voice brings the sounds and eternal optimism of the people of South Africa to listeners living rooms; a surefire way to usher in an impromptu dance party wherever it’s played." 


CLICK! Exclussive Magazine Full interview

-Anne Carlini, Exclussive Magazine

"An intoxicating artist whose rich vocals and energy bring the sounds of eternal optimism and energy that will have you confused as to which generation she belong. Her stage presents speaks volume and her love for sharing the culture connected to “Mama Africa” through her own artistry is amazing. A breath of fresh air!" 


CLICK!  - Prudence Chauke, Jamati Online

"A feisty maestro commanding cool jazz and smokin’ R&B rooted within pan-African grooves, Christine’s honey-covered harmonies and big band stampede feeds your feet sweet, frenetic medicine; a world-class, booty-shaking bouquet dipped in sass and imagination." 

- John Noyd, Maximum Ink 

 "Christine Vaindirlis has the vocal attitude to pull off the higher diva yells and money notes of Chaka Khan together with the controlled and lush runs of her steamy lower register. Vaindirlis other talent lies in catchy songwriting leading the audience to contribute to the choruses after one brief round, memorable and polished, fitting in with the other benchmarks of groove and rhythmic lineup.”  

- Marimikel Charrier, The Groove

"Globe-trotting diva Christine Vaindirlis mixes funk à la Chaka Khan with her Johannesburg roots and crystal-clear pipes."

- Time Out New York

"Ms. Vaindirlis's bluesy, funked-lined voice possesses a sassy tone and control like that of a jazz guitar, cooing and climbing into it's upper register so effortlessly." 

- Michael Morgan

"Vaindirlis boasts her share of talent as a vocalist and music arranger. Pumped with horns, polyrhythms and powerhouse vocals effortlessly sailing  through a variety of musical genres, pan-African, sultry-smoky jazz, funk and South African vocal harmonies. I envy her energy and enthusiasm. She possesses a good ear for horn arrangements and music production. No doubt we will be hearing more from this diva in years to come."

CLICK! - Patricia Herlevi, World Music Central

"Songstress Extraordinaire Christine Vaindirlis to Perform on GingerNewYork TV Show, MNN Studios, NYC" 

Ginger New York TV Show Press Release

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